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Time & Attendance Automation

Comprehensive solution in one system.
Accepting a comprehensive and customized snapshot.



Online Time Clock

Track employee work hours accurately. Collect absences, late clock-ins & more.


Time Clock App

Tracks Employees On The Go. Fully supports the latest versions of iOS & Android operating systems.


Self-service Portal for Employees & Managers

Direct and independent access to information, regular updates and communication between managers and employees.



Predefined reports and Generates reports according to employer’s needs.

Exclusive Features

Automating Processes

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One Central Board

Provides a clear and real-time workforce overview

Approved by Federal Labor Laws

Accordance with requirements of the federal Labor Laws for every Business

Based on AI

powered by intelligent bots that can distribute tasks, data, and files, as well as provide smarter, faster and more secure features.


In General

Full ongoing monitoring and employee time and attendance management, cost control & budget management, and commitment to improving human capital management in the organization.

Version 1.3

Last update October 19, 2019

Language English, Hebrew, Spanish

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Time Clock App Tracks Employees.
Fully supports the latest versions of iOS & Android operating systems.

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