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Real Time Absence Management

✔ Absence management and staff leave planner solution
✔ Holiday entitlement and other customization absences
✔ Request workflow with alert notifications
✔ Compatible with time tracking products for a complete solution



Absence pre-planning

Structured and flexible pre-planning at the organizational and individual level.


Work flow

Employees request time off or revoke existing one, supervisors get notification and decide about upcoming employee absence. Peers are informed via calendar feeds.



Creating organizational snapshot at 3 levels: Human resources, manager and employee.


Alerts & Management reports

Review and analyze, powered by intelligent bots, leave time and balances data of your organizational.

Exclusive Features

Comparative absence table

between employees and organization according to the degrees of absence determined in accordance with a management.

A mechanism for defining procedures

is clear to back up during employee absence and ensure functional continuity during absence.

Organizational activities planning

Training, welfare, activity reduction, concentrated vacation

Based on AI

powered by intelligent bots that can distribute tasks, data, and files, as well as provide smarter, faster and more secure features.


In General

The absence management system allows managers to engage with employee absenteeism in orderly procedures with efficient and simple planning and control for implementation.
The system was developed with an overall and innovative management approach to reduce damage to the organization due to a number of uncontrolled absences. Getting streamlining and saving resources, to increase performance and functional continuity, and to create a positive image for an organization that encourages norms of excellence, commitment to role and organizational involvement.

Version 1.3

Last update October 19, 2019

Language English, Hebrew, Spanish

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